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                       Newsletter (prototype)


                                                                                                     November 5, 2012

Dear Lambda Owner, 

This is the prototype version of a LWR-Newsletter. (Like the prototype of our Lambda, it contains some basic elements, but it is not yet the production version.) 

First of all, a posthumous thank-you to John Turner – we were saddened to learn that he passed away some weeks ago – for helping to establish the LWR by allowing us to use the client data base of the Lambda Consortium. This enabled us to send out emails to about 200 Lambda owners worldwide. Thanks to their answers and further work to find more Lambda owners, we have at the moment details of about 340 Lambda worldwide in our data base. 

In this prototype version of the newsletter we would like to offer you: 

      • some statistics of the worldwide Lambda population

      • a questionnaire to get your preferences for what should be in the


      • information about existing national Lancia Clubs

      • brief details of The Lambda Consortium (UK)


Some statistics (based on 329 Lambda currently in the LWR)













  • About 100 surviving examples of early (Tipo 67) engines are recorded fitted to cars. (No doubt many more exist as spares)

  • Of the various body types surviving, about 200 are the standard Factory-built torpedo, but in addition we found a large number of other body builders represented (e.g. Albany, Casaro, Castagna, Curtis, Garavini, Stabilimenti Farina).

  • There are still Lambda cars in more than 20 countries ; the countries with the most survivors are Australia, Italy and the UK.



Based on talks and email communication with Lambda owners in different countries, we propose that the production version of the LWR Newsletter would contain the following regular sections:

A Information (calendar and reports) about Lambda-relevant events (e.g. Castlemaine (Australia), Amici della Lambda (Fobello,Italy), Sliding Pillar(UK/Belgium), RILL (Italy), other).

B Practical advice for Lambda owners on the use and maintenance of the car ; recommended repair techniques ; experiences with different products ; other).

C Lambda history (new literature, photos, other).

D Spare parts availability (other than what the Lambda Consortium is offering):We will establish a LWR-Website where you can post your „For Sale“ or „Wanted“ entries. While we would expect most of these entries to refer to used parts, we would welcome reports from members planning to produce new items.

E Restoration reports and experience

F Question and Answer section. A forum promoting technical discussion

G Reports of the regional/country LWR coordinators

H Other (please specify) 

We will be very pleased to get your answers to this questionnaire, for example writing:

A yes , B no , C no, … etc, or by providing your comments and/or suggestions.


Existing national Lancia Clubs 


The Lambda Consortium (UK) 

One of the most important sources of Lambda parts is the UK-based Lambda Consortium, and many Lambda owners already use its services. This non-profit organisation has for many years been managed by John Vessey in Derbyshire and John Turner in London, and has offered a wide range of parts and technical advice to Lambda owners. Sadly, the recent death of John Turner will require some changes, so we are preparing a detailed account of the Consortium which will reflect these new arrangements, and we expect to publish this in the next issue of the Newsletter.


We now eagerly await your answers and comments to prepare the first production version of the LWR Newsletter which will be rolled out at the beginning of next year. 


 Copyright: Stefano Falchetto


With the best wishes to you and your Lambda

Bill Jamieson Joachim Griese


PS: We are aware that there are a number of Lambda owners for whom we have no email addresses and who will therefore not receive this newsletter. If you have a Lambda-owning friend who is not included in our circulation, please invite him or her to send us their car and contact details and we will add them to the Register.